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Bullets, Bullets And More Bullets

Some people call rifle cartridges “bullets,” but in reality the bul­let is just part of the cartridge. A rifle cartridge is a case that contains primer, gunpowder and a bullet at the tip. The primer’s job is to ignite the gunpowder, which in turn propels the bullet down the rifle’s barrel and out to your

Glock 19 Gen 4

  Too many times we get angry at the wrong thing. We blame this or that on what ails society. This is loud and clear with the subject guns in America today. How many articles have been written with statistics claiming this or that. No matter what side you’re on you will be able to

The Private Label Business

Devin Anderson needed a new pair of cleats for soccer practice. All of the national brands available in all of stores he would normally shop at though were way too expensive. His family was going through a financially tough time and he couldn’t exactly afford a pair of pumas. He decided he only had one